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Intro: Goals   |    1: Quiz Idea    |    2: Results    |    3: Questions    |    4: Marketing    |    5: Emails    |    6: Launch    |   7: Optimize    |    Bonus: FB Ads

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Learn the psychology behind why quizzes are such effective lead magnets. And get yourself set up and supported to turn your best idea into a high converting quiz.

1. Increase conversions (website visitor to lead) with your quiz

Website example

2. Quickly scale your list at a low cost with your quiz + Facebook ads

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Disclaimer: Results vary and this is an average of people who start a quiz subscribing

Course success tips:

1. Choose a “done is better than perfect” mindset. The best quizzes iterate and evolve, meaning that the initial version is not the final version. If you choose to think about it this way, the whole process will be less activating and more enjoyable.

2. Set a launch date now, tell people who will hold you to it. Have you heard that Harvard study where 10% of graduates stated their goals (wrote them down) ended up outperforming the other 90% combined? (meaning they delivered 10x the results just because of writing down their goals). Yeah, let’s do that. Tell some friends or your partner or coach or whoever will hold you accountable to that launch date.

3. Get clear on your big scary business goals and benchmark where you’re at right now. Examples of Key Performance Indicators you can measure.

64 Then get dreaming about the answer to THIS question: What would you do with a big email list full of people who know, trust, and love you?!


  • Write down your big scary business goals and benchmark where you’re at right now.

Hello, 👋

Let’s start at the beginning, a very good place to start - The Sound of Music


Hello and welcome to our quiz building course, I’m glad you’re here. 

To introduce myself very quickly, my name is Josh and I’m the co-founder of interact. We’re a company dedicated to helping creators around the world build their lists and their businesses using quizzes. 

We started 10 years ago after stumbling upon the idea of using a quiz for list building and finding it incredibly effective (the first quiz we built converted 50% of website visitors to subscribers, which blew us away.)

Our goal from day one has been to deconstruct what worked for us with that initial quiz and figure out how to offer the same effectiveness to anyone who wants to implement the same strategy in their business. 

That brings us to you.

It’s probably safe to assume you’re here because you know the value of having a highly engaged list. I won’t spend time convincing you of the value, but basically everything else on the internet is not something you own. Social followers, website traffic, facebook groups, these are all great and necessary, but you do not own those audiences. 

If you want something you own that can grow with you in the long run there is really only one option, and that is an email list you own.

Here’s why. (Buyer psychology)

  1. Someone comes to your site or finds out about you. 
  2. The vast majority of those people are not ready to buy something right away, on average 1% of people will make a purchase on the first visit. That does not mean the other 99% won’t ever purchase, but it means they’re not ready. Maybe they’re just browsing or they’re thinking through options. 
  3. A Quiz is the best way to convert that 99% into subscribers, so that you can build trust over time with your emails and when those people are ready to purchase what you have to offer, you’re the first person who comes to mind. 


I think about it this way. There is an initial wave of people who will buy right away (depending on the business, from immediately out to about 30 days). Then, there is a very long tail where people will come back and buy after a year, two years, three years (at interact sometimes it is 5+ years where people will come back and buy). 

If those people are on your list and they come back, it’s basically free sales. You don’t have to do anything to get them back, you don’t have to spend money or do marketing or literally anything, they just come back!

That’s the power of a list for long-term exponential growth. Because the thing that’s crazy is when you add up the long-tail it ends up being greater than the initial sales, and it’s free! It can quite actually be the difference between long-term success and failure. 

And if you’re like most of our customers, and you’re looking to gradually grow more free of your business where you don’t have to be “on” all the time, an engaged email list is the path to get there. 

sales graph

So if you agree that having a list is super valuable, then how do you build one?

There are two parts to this. The first one you have probably already done or have started on, and that is to get people to look at things you have created. Whether it’s blog posts, video, podcasts, whatever your medium of choice, there has to be some way for people you want to reach to find out about you. This usually leads back to your website.

That’s where we come in, because once people land on your site you’ve got to have a way to convert them from visitor to subscriber, so they can then become buyers. As you may know, typically only 1% of visitors to a website actually subscribe or buy anything on the first visit, which is not great especially when it takes so much work to get them there in the first place. 

But there is hope, in the form of a quiz. With quizzes that 1% can turn to 40% or higher, just like we found with our very first quiz over a decade ago. 

With list building as our goal, let’s get a quiz front-and-center on your website where it can begin building long-term growth for you, and you can use that same quiz for social media promotions where you can grow the list even faster. 

To address something up front. If we’re honest, building out an entire quiz and the follow-up emails that go along with it in order to maximize your list and sales takes a good amount of time and energy. More time and energy than most of the other list-building methods that exist.

But, at the end of it you not only have a list building mechanism that is more effective than just about anything else, you will also have a quiz that you can use for years to come. 

Intro: The Psychology of Quizzes

  1. Your Best Quiz Idea and Title
    1. Get Clear On Your Customers
    2. Discover and Define Your Unique Selling Point
    3. Choose Your Quiz Title
    4. Choose Your Quiz Type
  2. Your Quiz Results
    1. Create Your Result Categories
    2. Get Clear On What to Include In Your Result
    3. Identify Your Resources and Easy Wins
    4. Introduce Yourself
    5. What Happens Next
  3. Quiz Questions + Segmentation 
    1. Get clear on your segmentation strategy
    2. Gain an understanding of what types of questions you should ask
    3. Learn how to write questions that people actually want to answer
    4. Write 7-10 questions for your quiz
  4. Marketing Integrations
    1. Set your quiz up to generate leads
    2. Learn how to write a compelling opt-in form
    3. Integrate your quiz and segmentation strategy with the rest of your marketing platforms
  5. Follow-up emails
    1. Get clear on your minimum viable post-quiz welcome sequence
  6. Launch and Promote
    1. Discover how to embed your quiz and add it to your website
    2. Learn how to combine social media with your quiz to grow your organic traffic
    3. Start building a community of your dream customers and client
  7. Refine and Optimize
    1. Learn how to maintain your lead-generating quiz for consistent results
    2. Use Interact’s analytics to optimize your quiz’s conversion rate
    3. Cater your business to your customers or clients’ needs by reviewing their responses
  8. Bonus: Facebook Ads and Your Quiz!
    1. Gain an understanding of how to write and design effective quiz ads
    2. Learn how to set up your Facebook Business and Facebook Ads Manager
    3. Come to understand the how's and why's of Facebook Pixels
    4. Learn how to verify your domain
    5. Come to understand what type of Facebook Ad will work best for your quiz and how to set it up (Hint! We're talking about using a Custom Conversion!)
    6. Learn how to read your Ad Results

1. People take quizzes because they get to talk about themselves.

Everyone likes to be asked about themselves and to talk about their own lives and experiences. We are wired this way as humans, and a quiz lets you create that type of connection



2. People take quizzes because they get to learn about themselves.

A quiz is the only tool that lets you help people learn about themselves in a personalized and individual way, meeting your quiz takers where they are and supporting them on their journey. 

3. A Quiz is a conversation.

It is a human-to-human connection that re-creates some of the magic of talking to another person and gives you the ability to be present and available to each and every one of your potential customers at scale. 


Let’s talk about why quizzes work as a list-building tool in a way that is uniquely effective.

When you think about the options that exist for converting your visitors into subscribers, there are plenty. You can offer a free course, a download, a challenge, an ebook, there are many things you can do.

At best you have to guess what people want to learn about and hope that they are interested in accessing the information you provide when they land on your site. It’s a shot in the dark.

Now imagine you’re able to have a conversation with everyone who comes to your site, almost as if your site was a physical storefront and you could talk to everyone who walks in your virtual door. 

This actually happened to me in Brooklyn a few years ago. I ran across the Brooklyn Bridge on a bright sunny morning and ended up at a coffee shop on the other side. I wanted to buy a bag of beans for the week but there were so many options. 

Then a friendly person walked up to me and asked what I was looking for, how I liked my coffee, what types of notes I wanted. Then they offered me a couple of options that suited what I wanted. It was magical and I bought two bags

That is the kind of experience you can offer your customers with a quiz, but on your website, 24/7 so you never miss an opportunity to connect with a potential client. 

Coffee illustration

This conversation lens is the most important part of this whole quiz building process, because whenever you’re stuck on a part of creating your quiz, reference back to “What would I say if this was an actual conversation?” it will help set a true north for the whole experience and simplify the thinking.