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What you'll achieve in this section

1. Learn how to maintain your lead-generating quiz for consistent results



2. Use Interact’s analytics to optimize your quiz’s conversion rate

3. Cater your business to your customers or clients’ needs by reviewing their responses


Congratulations, you’ve successfully launched your quiz, and your hard work is really starting to pay off!

But before you pop a bottle of sparkling cider in celebration, we have one more thing to cover: how to use Interact’s analytics to optimize your quiz, so it converts more of your ideal customers and clients.

Statistics can be a bit intimidating, and while reviewing your quiz’s analytics might not sound like the most exciting way to spend your morning or afternoon, we promise it’ll be worth it once your audience doubles, then triples in size!

So set your smartphone to Do Not Disturb, and let’s get started!  

But first, you might be wondering why analytics are worth your time...

Statistics and analytics are the unsung heroes of the quiz building process because they offer insight into what is or isn’t working with your quiz and help you to develop a deep understanding of your audience’s psychographics, like what activities and interests appeal to them. 

Let’s say you include a question like, “How do you usually spend your Friday nights?” The answer choices might be a) Watching Netflix at home with my significant other, b) Curled up with a good book, c) Out clubbing with my friends, d) Trying out the newest foodie hotspot, or e) Heading off to places unknown. If you figure out that the majority of your audience chose the answer D, you would know that your people are into gastronomy. You could then create content and messaging that appeals to this interest. 

When you know that what you’re creating fits with your audience’s interests, you’ll experience more success than what you would have gotten without reviewing your analytics. 

And, luckily, Interact has you covered with a suite of tools that you can use to refine your new quiz and make sure people aren’t losing interest along the way.

Step 1: View Your Analytics

So how do you access your quiz’s analytics? Simply log into Interact and, from your Dashboard, select “Analytics” in the right-hand corner:


From there, you’ll be redirected to your analytics Overview, where you can see your quiz’s Top Results:

top results

As you can see in the above screenshot from Chanti Zak’s Unfair Advantage Quiz, the majority of quiz takers are “Rule Breakers.” With this information, Chanti can begin creating or optimizing her existing marketing materials to reflect the needs of individuals with that personality type, and, thereby, build relationships with more of her ideal clients.

You’ll also see your quiz’s Total Events, meaning the number of times the quiz has been viewed:


With this information, you can find things that need improvement — for example, if you're getting a lot of “views” but not many “starts,” then you can assume that the quiz is appearing properly on your website, but maybe the title and subtitle need to be refined and made a bit more enticing. 

And if people are completing the quiz but not leaving their emails, try changing up the copy on the opt-in form or making it required and see what happens. Make sure to give them a real reason to submit their information and see their results. 

If your quiz takers are exiting between “starts” to “completions”, then it’s probably time to take a look at your question analytics to see exactly where you're losing them.

Step 2: Optimize Your Questions

To view your questions analytics, select “Questions & Answers” from the menu at the top of the page:


You’ll see feedback on all of your questions, including how many times it’s been viewed, answered, and its overall engagement rate:

engagement rate

Pay special attention to the dropoff rate in the bottom left-hand corner; this is the percent of people who have exited your quiz from that question. As you can see, the dropoff rate on this question is only 0.1% — it doesn’t get much better than that! 

But if it’s sitting at a higher rate, you’ll want to refine that question and either make it more engaging or change the order of your quiz’s questions. Keep in mind that depending on your audience size, these are small numbers and consider how long you've had the quiz published and how many views you've had before making any major changes. 

Step 3: Keep Refining

Once you’ve gone through your quiz’s analytics and made a few tweaks, give yourself a week or two then check-back to see how they have impacted your conversion rate.

Remember, this is an ongoing process, and you’ll get the most out of your quiz by staying consistent and making changes as needed.

Step 4: Cater Your Business To Your Customers’ and Clients’ Needs 

After at least a few dozen people have taken your quiz, you’ll be able to see trends in how people are answering your questions and which results they get. From there, you can curate your content and offers to what your people really need!

Additional Resources:

Action step

Action Steps


  • Get your quiz out there into the world and give it time. Don’t change anything until you have enough data to make informed decisions. 

  • Navigate to your quiz’s analytics and review its Top Results, Total Events, and Questions & Answers

    Start by checking out your Views to Starts. If that number is under 50%, consider working a bit harder on your landing page copy, quiz title, and quiz description.

  • Next, check your Starts to Completions. If that number is under 50%, move on to your question analytics and make sure that your drop off rate is less than 10%. If it’s higher than that, check the question for clarity and make sure that it’s not too invasive or hard to answer.

  • Finally, check out your Completions to Leads. If this number is below 50%, consider optimizing your Opt-In copy by referring back to the benefit they’ll receive by joining your email list.